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  • via Val d'Ascione, 84 (Zona Campogialli) – 52028 Terranuova Bracciolini

La Casa del Buono

A small farm-restaurant immersed in the Valdarno countryside, near the Setteponti Road, a few kilometers from Arezzo. A simple menu made of selected dishes that change daily depending on what the land, the seasons and the short supply chain can offer. Only fresh ingredients and quality products originating from our own vegetable garden and local farms and wineries.

lifestyle toscano

Here at La Casa del Buono, while we cultivate the future of our business as well as that of our land, we bring forth season after season, without using pollutants and invasive products, what is a truly genuine and authentic Tuscan lifestyle.

A place surrounded by nature where you can discover true values ​​and authentic flavors.

Natural furnishing

A simple venue furnished with items that have their own history, their own experience and therefore their own tales to tell. Natural materials and accessories at their second or maybe third “life” that speak of the philosophy of what is good and essential

0 Km and a short supply chain to ensure the quality of food and the well-being of body and spirit.

Our values

We respect and believe in the value of food and wine, which for us begins from the Tuscan rural tradition, culminating in tasty and healthy dishes that are just like our earth.

1. We love the Tuscan tradition
The love for our land is something innate that we all feel, more or less consciously. In our business, the passion for Tuscan tradition is a drive present at every stage of the work we do: from cultivating fruits and vegetables imitating the farmers of the old farmyards to when we wear our chef hat trying to bring back the flavors of the past in contemporary dishes.
2. We cultivate our vegetable garden
Since always, in Valdarno, thanks to the mild climate and suitable geological conditions, farming finds an exceptional home. For this reason, firmly convinced that products grown through our own work and in their own land are more natural and tasty than those industrially cultivated, we decided to grow our own vegetable garden, here, just a few steps from the kitchen, where each prepared dish devotedly respects the natural cycle of the seasons.
3. We prefer the simple things
The culinary experience we offer combines natural food, tradition, creativity and respect for the environment and is reflected in the "organic" concept of furnishings that make La Casa del Buono a simple yet creative venue; straightforward but never plain. The accessories and furniture featured here were restored and it is specifically their "re-use" that makes them authentic and even more steeped in that tradition that transpires everywhere at La Casa del Buono.
4. We serve only “0 Km” products
Choosing products at “0 km” means to favor only the seasonal cultivations and raw materials originating from a short supply chain, thus joining the environmental protection movement in addition to enjoying a number of important additional benefits such as the freshness and taste that only fruits and vegetables recently harvested can provide. The products carefully chosen and our cuisine in accordance with the seasons and the nutritional properties of selected foods are the principles of hospitality anchored to the environment and the territory.